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With over 15,000 Midjourney Prompts, this comprehensive collection, specially created for Midjourney AI users, offers endless sources of creative inspiration. This digital download contains a vast selection of challenging prompts that can be quickly copied and pasted into the powerful Midjourney AI tool to generate original digital art. Check out the prompt examples showcased in our listing photos. These raw images were created using suggestions from this exclusive collection!




✔️Access to over 15,000 well-crafted prompts, including themes like Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Emotions and Feelings, Travel and Tourism, and Steampunk, organized in a neat Google Sheet.


Instant access to your new source of inspiration.


✔️4 BONUS gifts for the smartest individuals.


BONUS #1: 500+ Top AI Tools & Prompts

BONUS #2: 600+ Epic Midjourney Prompts list (180-page Ebook)

BONUS #3: Guide to Creating Images from Text Using Midjourney AI (100-page Ebook)

BONUS #4: 1000+ Ultimate ChatGPT Prompts (in a Notion file)


Stop wasting time searching for inspiration and focus on producing extraordinary work. Advanced prompt engineering was used to create thought-provoking and impactful prompts.


50 Different Art Categories, Including:


✔️Inventions of the Future

✔️Food and Beverages

✔️Emotions and Feelings

✔️Professions and Jobs

✔️Musical Instruments and Genres

✔️Climate Change and Environmental Issues

✔️Social Issues and Activism

✔️Scientific Discoveries and Innovations

✔️Parodies and Satire

✔️Maps and Cartography

✔️Travel and Tourism

✔️Family and Relationships


✔️Hobbies and Crafts

✔️Meditation and Mindfulness

✔️Art Movements (e.g., Impressionism, Expressionism, etc.)

✔️Fairy Tales and Folklore

✔️Famous Literary Scenes

✔️Superheroes and Supervillains

✔️Robots and AI

✔️Ancient Civilizations

✔️Magical Objects and Artifacts

✔️Urban Legends and Cryptids

✔️Board Games and Puzzles

✔️Movie and TV Show Scenes

✔️Video Game Inspired

✔️Sports and Athletics

✔️Vehicles and Transportation



✔️Mythological Creatures

✔️Time Travel

✔️Optical Illusions

✔️Architectural Wonders


✔️Marine Life


✔️Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

✔️Miniature Worlds

✔️Fashion of the Future

✔️Imaginary Plants

✔️Dream Worlds

✔️Holidays and Celebrations



✔️Dance and Performing Arts

✔️Street Art and Graffiti

✔️Childhood Memories

✔️Patterns and Textures

✔️Historical Figures and Events

✔️Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

✔️Modern and Contemporary Art Styles


Gain a competitive advantage and elevate your online business to new heights with this set.




After payment, you will receive a PDF file containing a Google Drive link to download this package. This file will be available on the purchase confirmation screen and/or in the “purchase, order completion” email sent to the email address you provided during the purchase.


There is no time limit for downloading. You can download it at any time.


All our files have passed antivirus security checks before being sold.

Midjourney Prompt Package (15,000+)

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